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Engels et al (2020) R. Soc. Interface
Three-dimensional wing structure.....
Lehmann et al (2017) J. Comp. Physiol. A
Neural control of muscle activation

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Interdisciplinary Online Seminar Series on Biolocomotion
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Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Animal Physiology at the University of Rostock. Above we provide information on our major research topics, the degree courses we offer for bachelor and master students and many other useful information of interest. 

The Department of Animal Physiology and their members are interested in locomotor systems of insects at organismic, cellular, and physical level. We aim to understand how animals transform sensory information into locomotor commands for flight. Other research is devoted to cell biology and population genetics. At present we offer a bachelor degree course in Biosciences and a master degree in Integrative Zoology "i - Zoo". For more information please visit the i - Zoo homepage.

Please visit our research area on insect flight that introduces current projects and covers various topics from Neurosciences  to Aerodynamics in flying Drosophila.

If you have questions, do not hestitate to contact us under the provided links.

Prof. Dr. Fritz-Olaf Lehmann, Chair of the Department of Animal Physiology



Institute of Biological Sciences
Department of Animal Physiology
Secretary Maren Bagrowski

Albert-Einstein-Str. 3

18059 Rostock, Germany
Phone: +49 381 498 6301

Fax: +49 381 498 6302

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We currently offer positions for a  Post-doctoral fellow and Ph.D. students. Please apply if you are interested in these positions. There is no deadline. Bachelor, Master and Teaching post students are welcome to apply throughout the year under the given links (issued 07/2021).